How Has Technology Changed Education?

How Has Technology Changed Education?

How Has Technology Changed Education?- first of all Technology has been proved as a boon for all, as it has impacted almost every aspect of life.

Technology does not make life easy only but also helps in saving time. And of course, it has many different effects on education. \

By taking it to another level it has enhanced the standard of education. From calculator to online lectures everything has been improved in the era of technology.

But every coin has two faces, which means the results are either positive or negative depends and that depends on the use of it. The present generation has been particularly affected by innovation.

Teachers have the ability to draw in students in the learning movement by utilizing on the web assets, devices or applications.

How Has Technology Changed Education?

How Has Technology Changed Education

Effect of technology on education


  • No geographical boundaries

Technology has eliminated all political and geographical boundaries. People situated in any corner of the world can get access to the best available professors and study material online.

Students can expand their knowledge through the use of the internet, resulting in their development.

  • Time-saving

Time management nowadays has become a major task for students. There are various technology tools which help in saving time and enhances students learning. Students can learn with the virtual examples by the use of it.

First of all, it not only saves time but also energy, by eliminating unnecessary actions which give effective and efficient results. Students don’t have to rush to their professors or libraries for every doubt they have, as the internet provides quick access to them.

How technology has given wide approach?

  • Multiple options

Technology provides various options for studying to students, which makes learning easy for them.

Students can collect information from many places like online training, online sessions, guest lectures from the rest of the world.

There are many advances in technology that are now used and have been very beneficial to the teaching process.

  • Global Reach

Moreover, This technology helps to provide information worldwide in no time. with the advancement in technology, the reach of students to information has increased rapidly.

And this rapid growth is only the result of technology up-gradation.  Whether in the field of education, business, health, etc.

  • Enhanced teaching and learning methods

There are various tools like projectors, smart boards, classroom. which helps teachers to explain students with pictures making them understand easily. With the help of these tools, students can save data for later practice.

Changes which are unavoidable


  • Declined writing skill

Technology has noteworthy,  enhanced the level of education, but at the cost of thinking capacity of students. Now they don’t have to struggle to get any information as it is available for them instantly.

Which puts an end to their creativity. They rely more on digital communication.

  •  Health issues

Sitting in front of desktops for a long time leads to various health problems which are not good for students.

It can create a problem in their eyesight, backbone, etc. which also comes up with the problem like migraine, headache, etc.

How Has Technology Changed Education?

Other Uses

As we all know excess to everything is harmful. use of the internet provides an approach to various things which are non-beneficial for students.

However, This can not only lead to wastage of time but also end up indulging students into various activities which can degrade their growth.

Affect of Education social life
  • Ethics

A student going to school taking offline classes learns manners, ethics, morals, and values from their teachers. which technology has no contribution to. A student sitting alone and studying is always deprived of all these things.

  • Communication gap

In order to develop themselves. Students have made their devices their best friends leading to a verbal communication gap with their family, friends and their near and dear ones.

Rather than studies, they get indulged into various gaming websites, social media platforms and many other websites irrelevant to their studies, which consumes their lot of time and makes them an introvert.

How Has Technology Changed Education?


There is no area where technology is not beneficial. In the matter of students also by removing all the barriers for students.

Moreover, we have got unbelievable results. Which has definitely given the positive outcome.

But the other side of the story says that the utilization of PCs and mobile phones in the class had some negative impacts too. on learning.

As we did not investigate the nature of distraction which can affect the ability to learn in the class.

This diversion could influence the capacity to learn in the class.

How Has Technology Changed Education? – Therefore in order to curb students, deleterious actions importantly for effective and optimum use of technology for students learning the colleges and schools should sanction strategies.

And policies for judicial use of computerized gadgets during class time. Because it is the need of the hour.





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