How To Track A Cell Phone Number?

How To Track A Cell Phone Number

With growing crime & security issues it has become usual for us to be aware of happenings around us and be able to detect and find the vulnerabilities happening around us. In this article ahead, we will let you know how to track a cell phone number yourself…

With the help of some websites and Android applications so as to track a cell phone number.

How To Track A Cell Phone Number

Since it has become common to receive fake calls and messages these days regarding various companies promotional marketing messages.

It is obvious to check and verify the person’s phone location and name.

So as to be safe from scams and other such troublesome engaging experiences. Following the issues, we are giving you the tip on how to track a cell phone number yourself,

Usually, there are few tools available using which you can determine the phone location and name of a person or business.

Some example of such tools is mobile number tracking websites as given below.


The above websites let you check where the phone number belongs to and to which network provider it belongs to.

Another examples of such tools are android apps that’s let you know the person’s identity.

  1. TrueCaller
  2. WhosCall

Also, the Android app true caller is good to let you know the name of the person or the business to which the number belongs to.

You can easily download the software on your android phone or even use it online using your Google account.

However, both website and app give a fairly rough idea of number location and identification of its owner but not 100% as accurate as it should be.

As it is not always correct following that the number portability feature is now present which let’s phone users port their number to a different state with different telecom network.

That is following a job switch or change of business. For example, a person buys a sim and then his job location changes.

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